Prairie Band Health Services, Inc. wins Emergency Room contract

September 1, 2022

Prairie Band Health Services, Inc. (PBHS), a subsidiary of Prairie Band, LLC (PB), won a substantial contract to provide Emergency Room Physician services at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC) in Phoenix, AZ. The contract is a multi-year personnel services contract with a potential value of $14.3M.

PBHS is led by John Holtz, MBA & FACHE and is supported by the Shared Services division of Prairie Band, LLC. The PIMC ER services contract is the second multi-year contract won in recent years that PBHS is managing.

“The benefits of “Strategic Initiatives” undertaken by the team within the past year are beginning to show dividends. I’m extremely excited to see the teams hard work continue to pay off as the organization grows ” -Jacob Wamego, President, and CEO of PB,LLC

Investments in PBHS with the addition of a Director of Recruiting and a Business Development Analyst/Recruiter has been and will continue to be vital to the continued growth of the organization.