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As a tribally owned business and multifaceted holding company, we’re continually on the lookout for investment opportunities and partnerships that bring mutual gains.

We have substantial business benefits that can be maximally leveraged through strategic alliances with appropriate external parties. 

As a diversified holding company Prairie Band, LLC and its subsidiaries actively consider investing and/or partnering with other companies in which mutual benefits are obtained. As tribally owned entities, Prairie Band, LLC and its subsidiaries have tremendous business advantages that can be leveraged through the right relationships with the right outside entities. 


Passive Investments

Passive Investments are investments where Prairie Band, LLC takes a non-controlling minority position in a company by providing capital to fund business development and growth. In line with Prairie Band, LLC’s phased investment approach these types of investments must have a proven multi-year industry track record, distribute cash on a regular basis and demonstrate the potential for long term appreciation. 


Acquisition Investments

Acquisition Investments involve Prairie Band, LLC acquiring all or a majority interest in a profitable company in a stable industry. In line with Prairie Band, LLC’s phased investment approach these types of investments require an experienced company that generates cash flow, generates profits, pays federal income taxes and has a proven management team or key personnel who desire to remain in place post acquisition.



Prairie Band, LLC partnerships involve teaming, joint venture or mentor protégé relationships with outside organizations to leverage the preference advantages tribally owned businesses have in government and corporate contracting.

Deal Flow

As we continue to explore ways to grow our overall economic portfolio we welcome the opportunity to visit with organizations regarding potential investments and/or partnerships. Most opportunities are the right fit for someone; however, many opportunities may not be the right fit for us. Prairie Band, LLC as an entity in the private capital realm maintains flexibility to fully vet all potential opportunities however; Prairie Band Capital generally avoids startup companies, manufacturing, poorly performing or bankrupt companies and companies without a proven track record.

Our Process

Prairie Band, LLC undertakes significant due diligence into potential investments and/or partnerships therefore for potential opportunities to be considered all opportunities must be thoroughly explained, verified and scrutinized to be considered. Within each criterion, investments will only be made through identifying experienced and proven management teams and/or partners.

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